After 37 years, Gogerty Marriott (née Gogerty & Stark, Gogerty Stark Marriott) has closed its doors. As our team moves forward to begin new efforts, we reflect on the high standards for client service, milestone civic achievements, world-class corporate and public affairs, community relations, insightful opinion research, unique strategic guidance, crisis communications and creative media campaigns that have been the hallmark of Gogerty Marriott over the years.

Most importantly, we think of the people we have had the great fortune of knowing. There are individuals who started as clients, became colleagues and are now close friends from across the country who we salute and thank for the incredible opportunity to collaborate together.


Dave Marriott – Allison + Partners
Joel Van Etta – Allison + Partners
Jane Malbon – JKM Research
Nick Taylor –
Lisa Danielson – L Danielson Consulting
Peter McCollum – Whistle Lake Public Affairs
Gina Russo –
Maureen Wilson –
Aaron Pickus – Pickus Communications